Women Seeking Men for Sex? What Do Women Want in Sex Dating

When it comes to matters to do with sex, people often think that women are conservatives. However, this phenomenon has changed a lot over recent decades due to modern day female rights evolution. Are there Women Seeking Men Just for Sex? To answer the question, yes there are many women out there who are looking for men just for sex.

Women in most part of the world have embraced their sexuality. And they are more and more in charge of it just like their fellow men. They have learnt to move away from the societal prejudice that caged them. More importantly, they can now decide when and with whom they just want to sleep with. To prove this, we can see that there are many online dating sites flooded with women of all ages. What's more, some of them are on the adult dating sites on which the members are just looking for casual hookups and nothing more.

What does sex dating bring to women?

Women on adult dating sites are there just like their fellow men, looking for sex only but no commitment. Unlike there before when sex was only for those in a relationship. Nowadays every one can enjoy the pleasure without necessarily being tied down in a relationship. This sexual freedom has been embraced by a large amount of people. Especially some women in our society who have similar sexual urges like any other man. Therefore to begin with, sex dating brings sexual pleasure and sexual entitlement to any woman who indulges into it.

Busy women like those in the corporate world get to have sex and still chase after their busy life. This allows them to build on their career and concentrate on what is of priority to them while meeting their sexual desires outside relationship commitments.

Besides, sex dating allows women to have something like "friends with benefit". A section of women commonly known as sugar babies, they get to enjoy top life with sugar daddies, where they get to have finer things in life with older men who are filthy rich and willing to sponsor their high-end living standards. This is common in women in the sugar baby dating world.

Tips for Women Seeking Men for Sex

Every woman out there who is looking for men just for sex should keep in mind some basic rules. These may help make the sex hookup safe and without having blundered.

They should always insist on having protected sex and take all the necessary precautions. Most of these women are out there for wild fun and excitement only. No one is looking for a pregnancy or a sexually transmitted infection. This therefore, means that they should always put their guard up when it comes to unprotected sex since they mostly take the bigger portion of the burden when it comes to pregnancies or even infections such as STDs.

They should also avoid getting emotionally involved in the arrangement. This can achieve this by avoiding dating a close friend or hooking up with someone you have a crush on. Avoiding too much time together and over sharing also ensures that you remain just acquaintances and nothing more. When emotions start getting into the way, call it off and be open about it.

Women seeking men for just sex need to be firm about it. And they can utilize sites that cater to casual dating only. This makes it easy as well as opening one to a whole new possibility of meeting others who are in for a similar quest. They should make use of sites that invite women seeking men for sex.


Women enjoy and need sex just like men do. It is only that people used to have a convoluted belief about women and their sexuality but it is wearing off fast. There is a huge number of women both online and offline who just want to get laid and nothing more. They however, need to keep in mind some tips on how to come out unscathed. Sex is a fundamental human need and, therefore, all should enjoy and have fun without being subjected to some mythical prejudice.