Sex and Dating, How to strike a Balance between the Two

Dating is a period that offers potential lifelong couples a chance to know each other and make the right choice in choosing the right partner. In this period sex cannot be brushed off since emotions and physical connection play a key role in creating a relationship. However, sex during dating has continued to raise many questions particularly from the morality side of view and societal norms. What happens when you dating more than one partner? Do you have sex with all of them? What if sex leads to getting pregnant while the relationship is still too young?

Different cultures and religious teachings outline what is to be followed during dating and this is helpful to those that ascribe to these different teachings. But for the majority sexuality and dating is a personal choice and no religious teachings or personal opinion can put a gag on this. Dating is actually taken to be a fun process and it is usually filled with subtle casualness since one has not yet tied the knot and their actions cannot be judged.

Both men and women have different perspectives about sex while dating. For instance, women are more reserved and must play hard to get less they be labeled as "an easy catch" on the other hand men must carry themselves with certain level of restraint to be referred to as "gentlemen" Therefore, striking a balance on whether to have or not have sex during dating is task that both have to contest with.

For men it may seem like a simple decision to make but for the woman they have to consult their emotions and check whether they are emotionally ready to get intimate. At this stage therefore, women are said to be the ones controlling the relationship and this is advantageous to both. This is because in many ways they carry the biggest load of the aftermath, like pregnancy and choosing the right father figure for the kids.

What about when dating is just for fun?

Just like discussed above some might date for fun and it is at this instance that you find one person dating more than one person. In such a situation sex can be an intriguing issue since this person is trying to establish a connection with many other out there. Remember promiscuity is out of the picture since dating means you are not obligated to be faithful to anyone. It's at this point that one's conscience must be allowed to make the right decision. If they are comfortable with what might come out of it then so be it. It is, therefore, best left for those that bear the weight of the relationship to call the shots.

What to do

Experts' advice those who are dating to at least take things slow, never rush to get your hands in the cookie jar before washing them and drying them. There is a cliché number of days that a lady is supposed to keep count of since the first date to be able to give in to sexual advances. However, this does not apply to all and its best to always give it a thought and discuss it with your partner. Avoid situations that may lead to the breach of these plans such as drinking night outs and lots of private meetings with your date.